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A Mickey Safari Cake Smash | Jennifer Ubinas Photography | Deerfield Beach, Florida

Cake Smashes are so exciting! Not only is it your baby's celebration of them turning one, this is most times the first time baby has cake, something new is introduced to baby and they are just so darn cute as they play and laugh while stuffing their face with sweets! Picture it like the time baby first tried solid foods for the first time, it was exciting to sit back and watch them react... that's what these sessions are like. Each and every time I just love them more and more, they never get old! What may you ask can add to this cute scenario? A cute little chunkster with mickey ears and the cutest little face! I was able to not only photograph this baby boy for his newborn session, his 6 month milestone, but also his now one year celebration! (his cake smash!) These sessions are so adorable!

His momma wanted a Mickey Safari Theme, to match his first birthday party. So Mickey Safari it is! I put together a forest/ greenery backdrop with some wood accents, vines, and a ticket safari themed cutout- perfection!

So this little guy is just the cutest! Between his sweet little smiles and his serious ( who is this lady) faces, haha I can't get enough!

Cake Smashes always start with one outfit for portraits, we started this little guy off in a pair of knit brown pants and no shirt to show off all of his cute little rolls! Once we gathered a bunch of smiles and cute poses, We changed him into a black and beige suspender outfit and pair this with a pair of mickey ears... how cute!

After the portrait portion, we smash some cake! This isn't always as successful as some clients think. Cake smashes can go one of three ways... One, baby can love their cake, go for in and enjoy every moment. Two, baby semi loves their cake for about 2-3 minutes but would rather play and tear it apart. We have a ton of fun watching baby play and explore the new textures introduced to them or three baby hates their cake and wants nothing to do w with it. BUT! this can be solved. Introduce something sweet to your little one prior to their first birthday cake smash. Give them a cupcake with the wrapper about a week before their session. Let them play with and explore the textures of the cupcake, get messy and let them know its ok to get messy every once in awhile :) This will help them during their first birthday session!

However for Tariq, the baby boy in this blog... He LOVED his cake! Had a ton of fun destroying and exploring!

Is your little one turning a milestone? 6-9 months or one year!?! Book your session early! Booking at least 2-3 months in advance is highly suggested to ensure your time on my calendar.


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