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A Mother's Love | Maternity & Motherhood Photographer | Deerfield Beach, Florida

Motherhood session are something new offered at Jennifer Ubinas Photography and I just

can't get enough of them! As a mother myself I know how chaotic life can be and how hard it

can be to just stop and enjoy the moment. Especially in the crazy world we live in nowadays.

We need to be told to sit down, relax and just enjoy our babies! I'm here to tell you JUST THAT!

Motherhood session are a beautiful way to capture you and your little one. They're designed for capturing and documenting how amazing our lives as a mother truely are. How Little our babies once were.... How much being a teacher, guardian, referee, nurse, friend and so much more, won't get in the way of us enjoying our little miracles!

I know you were told this once in your time... that time flies by as we get older, I didn't

believe that as much as I do now. Especially as much as I do now that I am a parent myself, because let's be honest... the people who told you this were older, parents themselves and knew how life slips through our fingers.

I feel as if I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy, went through some amazing life obsticles who make me who I am today, blinked and he turned 13! Where did the time go!?! Am I seriously about to bring my son to his high school freshman orientation next year!?! I made the mistake of not documenting his life as much as I wish I had for the first 5 or so years and I preach upon others to be SURE to capture EVERY MOMENT! Literally everything! Before they are gone and you've blinked....

This mama I had the pleasure of photographing recently, is not only a mother of 3 and an

amazing wife... she's my best friend! What better title does she need? haha I have been blessed to have her in my life since I was 15 years old! Yes, 15! I not only love her to death, but her gorgeous babies as well! Our relationship is the true definition of when "friends become family." She's my sister from another mister ahaha

Her youngest, Luka is the squishiest little nugget! He's almost 5 months old and I couldn't

wait to get her into the studio for a Motherhood Session!

These sessions are typically done when baby is between 6-9 months.... This gives us huge

smiles and chunky baby rolls to photograph! Luka however, he's an exception! He smiles

from ear to ear, almost always, especially when he's gazing into his mamas eyes!

Just like maternity sessions, gowns, outfits and anything used during a motherhood session can be found at the studio! If there is an outfit you're wanting to bring into the studio, no problem, send me a photograph of it prior to our session and bring it with you! Some collections/packages can even include studio make-up. Rest assured, you just need to show up with your little one and I will take care of everything else.

E-mail : for booking information

- Jennifer Ubinas Photography

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