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Capture your baby's milestones | South Florida Newborn and Maternity Photographer | Jennifer Ubinas

Did you know that your newborn's face changes within the first week of being born? Even their eye or hair color can change within a few months after birth!

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Within a year's time, a newborn goes through so many changes that, without the help of photographs, you'd have a hard time remembering all those little quirks your babe had along the way. From changing faces and bodies to all those adorable expressions or movements, they all seem to go away in a moment's time.

It really is true about what people say -- they grow up so fast! That's why it's so important to capture all those little changes as they happen over time.

While I absolutely urge you -- no, beg you! -- to take as many photographs of your darling cherub as you can, also consider having professional milestone photographs taken.

With my milestone package, I'll make sure you have a series of exquisite, meaningful pictures of your newborn at various stages in his or her very early life. The package includes four different sessions, including a 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and 1-year photo shoot.

Time marches on either way. Document things now so you can continue to coo over your little one later.


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