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Is baby too old? | Broward County, FL Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Ubinas Photography

Older baby? Is it too late for newborn photos?

The short answer – of course not!

The longer answer – read on.

Most photographers recommend photographing your newborn within the first week or two after birth. This can be true for the popular baby in prop shots and less-dressed images. But what if I told you that there were benefits to waiting a little bit to do your portrait session closer to 3-6 weeks.

Consider having your baby photographed no matter what age they are.

Here’s why:

  • Your baby will look more like they are going to look…their skin may be clearer, birth bruises healed, and baby acne may be gone.

  • They may have started smiling a little more and can see you better (not as much “pirate” eye or crossed eyes).

  • You’ll feel better, healed from giving birth, getting the hang of baby, and sleeping a little more (maybe even time to get your hair done)

  • If your little one needed to spend time in the NICU or have a special procedure done, they might need some extra days or weeks to recover.

  • They may fit into that special outfit or headband that you can’t believe was so big on them a few weeks ago.

  • The nursery may be finished (the nameplate hung, and furniture finally arrived)

  • Siblings may have more confidence in holding baby (sometimes a little too much love!)

  • Little feet, hands, hair sweeps, and wrapped images can still be included as part of your session.

So, don’t worry if you feel like you missed the newborn “window,” there is no wrong time to capture your baby as they are right now!


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