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Isabella's Newborn Session | Newborn Photographer Coral Springs Florida | Parkland Baby Photographer

Isabella was the sweetest baby girl. I can't explain how amazing photographing little newbies is... They're little features from their toes, to their little lips and finger nails.... to their nose and hair! Isabella had the best fuzzy long hair a newborn photographer could ask for. Most new moms think bathing their baby prior to their newborn session as their prep guide suggests will make their hair stay down... however it does the opposite. It creates soft fluffy hair that will stick up if their hair is long enough. I LOVE this! Some mamas do not like this look and will load baby hair with oil, lotion, you name it. But I can tell you now, it looks better fluffy!

Look how sweet! Am I right that the fluffy, soft hair is just the cutest!

After booking a newborn session with me, you'll receive a newborn session questionnaire. The awesome part of this questionnaire, is to one get to know you... and two... get to know exactly what you love in regards to color schemes and such for baby. Now! sometimes, you may not know what you like and decide... Hey! I would like you to choose what colors we use... thats perfect! I love creating and coming up with color schemes for my clients based on babies skin tone when they arrive. I may change things as I go due to this. I always use a few neutral tones as these neutrals are beautiful to have displayed in common areas of your home and the color schemed images to fit more in specific areas of your home.

maternity photographer Deerfield Beach Florida

When baby Isabella arrives at the studio, she was super sleepy... and this makes for some AWESOME shots!

Maternity Photographer South Florida

Another common concern with new moms is whether or not they want to participate in these sessions and do the silver collection that includes parent shots and sibling images as well. I cannot stress to you enough how small baby is for such a short short time. this newborn stage only lasts a month... if that! Some babies grow so quickly within the first 2 weeks they are already starting to change. You will never regret being apart of this session. Even if you feel like complete death, which you may more than likely feel so exhausted and overworked... but believe me when I say... this is what I do, I make these life long memories that you will cherish forever. You will quickly forget how tired you are, whether you remembered to put your deodorant on or if you forgot to fully put your makeup or brush you hair.... don't stress it! I'll help you look your best and photograph well.

to book your newborn session,

call or text: 954-621-7443

I can't wait to discuss your vision for you newborn session and help you along this most memorable milestone for both you and your family!

- Jennifer

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