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Maternity FAQ | Jennifer Ubinas Photography | Maternity Photographer Coral Springs

Maternity FAQ

When should I schedule maternity photos?

As a general rule of thumb, I like to schedule your maternity session shortly after you've told friends and family the exciting news! This will give us plenty of time to find a great day that works well for both of us. Maternity photos are typically taken when you're showing -- generally around 7 to 9 months into your pregnancy.

Deerfield Beach Maternity Photographer

How many outfits should I bring to my maternity session?

No need to bring anything with you, the studio has everything you need to wear for your session. Depending not he package you choose depends on how many outfit changes we are able to do, however the platinum package includes about 7 different outfit changes and looks!

What should I consider when planning maternity outfits?

My biggest piece of advice is to wear something you feel both comfortable and beautiful in. My second piece of advice is for you to choose a favorite black or white top that is form-fitting enough to showcase your baby bump. Lastly, wear a supportive, well-fitting bra. Between us ladies, I know that breasts change a lot during pregnancy, so pick up a new bra that fits immaculately before our session to avoid discomfort and any lumps or bumps!

Deerfield Beach Maternity Photographer

Where do we take the photographs?

The studio or a location of your choice depending on package. Studio sessions are an absolute fave! They give that couture magazine cover look that make you feel gorgeous!

Can my partner or child be in the photographs, too?

Of course! I love incorporating mom, dad and your other children into our session photos. While in most cases you and dad will be the stars of the day, I believe it's so important to have several photographs with the entire family.

- Jennifer Ubinas Photography


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