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Oh Baby! | Jennifer Ubinas Photography | Maternity Photographer Coconut Creek, Florida

Oh, baby! I look forward to newborn sessions so much! The sweetness of a precious babe -- and all the love that fills up a room when they're present -- is so contagious that I can't help but leave a newborn session positively delirious!

I recommend scheduling newborn sessions within the first few weeks of your child's birth. We can work together to play things by ear. Because newborns lose that "newborn look" so quickly, the sooner we get the pictures taken, the better.

I take a very natural approach to all my newborn photos. I tend to work with a minimal amount of props love to incorporate both mom and dad into some of the pictures, as well. If you have other children who are game for pictures, we'll certainly include them in this newborn picture party, too. I will always guide my clients towards the silver package that includes parents, siblings and your first family portrait with your new addition.

In addition to straight forward newborn sessions, I also provide milestone pictures, which include a newborn, 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and 1-year session. These are booked and paid for as one collection. We can schedule each of the five sessions in advance, or we can pencil them in as it's convenient to your schedule.

Lastly, I do offer a birthing session, which includes photojournalistic pictures of the birthing process (like a video, but photo form) and newborn pictures. I'm on call two weeks prior and after your due date -- day and night -- to ensure I'm there for the entire experience.

- Jennifer Ubinas Photography

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