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Session Day: Do's & Don'ts | Broward County, Florida Maternity Photographer

- Session Day: Do's & Don'ts - Whether you’re thinking about booking a session or if the session you already booked is right around the corner, it’s always good to do a little prep work before the big day! To help ensure your session day goes smoothly, and your pictures look flawless --- I have outlined five major DO’s and DON’Ts of session day. These suggestions are based off years of experience. Session Day Do’s

  • Arrive Early: I like to get started right away. {after a little small talk of course} Depending on the day, I may have sessions booked back to back which leaves minimal room for flexibility in timing.

  • Text Me if You’re Running Behind: On that note, things happen. If you are running a bit behind, please text me right away so I can plan accordingly. Communication for the win!

  • Have Your Outfits Planned: If you’re doing multiple outfit changes, have everything figured out and put together in advance for each person who’s being photographed. Trust me on this one! And- if you aren't planning on changing outfits- bring a backup just in case. You never know what may look best. {You can always text me outfit options and ideas prior to the session as well!}

  • Take Care of the Basics: Pay attention to your nails should be clean and manicured. Brush your hair, maybe even bring a brush/ comb and styling products in case the wind or weather is being uncooperative. Make sure your outfits are wrinkle and stain free.

  • Be Flexible: Sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s windy, sometimes there’s a parade going on across the street. We will roll with it and make it all work the best we can. {If it's really bad- we will just reschedule- no one needs that added stress.}

  • Drink Plenty of Water the day prior to the session and the day of: You would be surprised how much water does for your skin and overall glow! Not to mention- it's good for you too :)

Session Day Don’ts

  • Don’t be Overly Critical to Yourself: We are often our own worst critics, however, use this day to think positive thoughts and refrain from self-criticism. Your smile is gorgeous and the outfit you picked is perfect. I promise I won't let you leave without feeling confident that you'll love the finished product.

  • Don’t Bring Your Squad: It’s fun to hang out with friends, but I promise things will go way smoother if only those being photographed are present.

  • Don’t Worry About Me: By the time your session is here, we will have went over the vision for the session, the types of photos you'd like, and all the plans. The day of- I'll work my magic and deliver the high quality images you hired me for.

  • Don’t Stress: This day is about you and/ or your loved ones, and I want to make sure that you have the best time ever. I will help you navigate those poses and ensure that your pictures turn out beautifully.

  • Don't drink or eat colored foods or beverages prior: You'd be surprised how many times I've had families show up with kids who have blue teeth and tongues because they had a lollipop right before. Save those treats for after the session, plus it gives an added incentive for bribery ;)


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