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Their cute little mermaid | Newborn Photographer Parkland, Florida | Maternity Photographer

When clients mention something they'd like to bring to their newborn session, I typically get brought store bought tutus or sweet blankets with their names on them... but this time.... oh this time I was brought a mermaid outfit! One that resembles Ariels colors from The Little Mermaid. It was just so beautiful and cute!

Take a look!

Parkland Florida Newborn Photographer

How cute is she!?!

Boca Raton Florida Newborn Photographer

When expecting a new baby, you may feel overwhelmed. However choosing whether or not you should hire a photographer to capture your newbie during their smallest stage should not be stressful! I am here to help in any way I can. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. A fun and exciting time for you and your family!

I will always recommend you capture not only baby but yourself as well with baby. This is the smallest stage of your new babies life. If this is your second for third child you already know how crazy fast this time flies by.

Capture those little tiny toes, ear and even little eyelashes! Capture you with baby even if you feel you may not be up to it. Because I'll be honest.... you will never regret it!

To book your newborn session - contact the studio at

or call 954-621-7443

- Jennifer Ubinas Photography


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