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Things to bring to your maternity session | Parkland Maternity and Newborn Photographer |

Things to have ready for your maternity photography session

For yourself: Shoes and jewelry to coordinate (especially for outdoor portraits) Nude strapless bra and undies Powder and gloss for touch-ups Brush or comb for hair fluffing Bottle of water if you’ll be outside to make sure you stay hydrated

To include in pictures: Tiny shoes (little ballet shoes, Converse shoes, or booties are cute) Sonogram pic Baby hat with thier name (then use it for the newborn session as a before/after) For pet – bandana with “big brother/sister” on it (check Etsy)

Posing tips for your maternity photography session

For all sessions, posing can make a difference in the finished portrait. This is especially true for a maternity session. Moms tend to slouch (hello, belly!) and are getting reacquainted every day with their ever-changing silhouettes. Here are a few ideas for looking your best in pictures.

Put your weight on your back foot. This makes you automatically straighten up and thins most people for the camera.

Pop your front leg and pull your shoulders back. The same idea as keeping your weight back except with a pregnancy belly helps accentuate the lines and give you a definition between your legs and tummy.

If you put your hand on your belly, leave a little “triangle of light” in the inner elbow. If you arch a little, that can give you shape in your back and side areas.

Try having hands moving, curling around hair or brushing neckline (but not covering jawline). They can also be placed all around the belly for different looks.

Keep your chin out, even when looking down (dad, too!). For “looking down” pictures, don’t actually look at your belly but at a point on the ground a few feet out or down your arm for a different look.

During your session, relax and enjoy being the star. It won’t be long now until your new little diva or dude becomes the center of your attention! Take this special time to bond even deeper with your baby as you create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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